“Ten solo lo que puedas llevar encima. Conoce idiomas, conoce países, conoce gente. ¡que tu memoria sea tu bolsa de viaje!”

-Alexander Solzhenistyn

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Walking through history

Walking through history

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Turkish culture and heritage is of utmost importance because its enriching history, cultural heritage and global impact in areas such as literature, art, architecture, music and cuisine have left a lasting mark on the world. ¡Live to belive!

Explore Istanbul with our expert tour guides and be captivated by the historical treasures, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of this fascinating city!


  • Enjoy a Turkish coffe cup or a tea, traditional or flavored while enjoying the beauty of the golden horn’s view.
  • Take the cable car that passes above a cemetery, one of the largest in Istanbul with its tombstones that have endured for centuries.
  • You will see one of the most important mosques after Mecca among the Islamic world, as well as one of the oldest.
  • Listen the prays and see the rituals.
  • Walk around the old walls of the town.
  • Take a walk for the old neighborhoods of Balat and the Greek Quarter

Tour description

After picking you up at the hotel we head to a hill that is very famous in Istanbul and has a magnificent view, there you will discover an explosion of flavors with the Turkish coffee and teas offered by the locals at Pierre Loti. Then we will go down the cable car and you will see the tombs that are many years old, we will explain to you why there are so many in the place.

We will arrive at the square and from there we will go to the beautiful Eyüp mosque where we can observe the rituals of believers.

After there we will go to another beautiful place with a history and a cultural shock that makes it unique and that is why UNESCO has named it a world heritage site:  Balat and Fener, these neighborhoods are important for their cultural and religious diversity, their authenticity and its tourist attraction, these encapsulate the essence of Istanbul’s rich history and vibrant culture. The most interesting thing about these neighborhoods are the places of worship where they show the peaceful coexistence of different religious communities throughout the centuries and are witnesses of tolerance and coexistence in the history of Istanbul.

Finalizaremos en Karaköy una zona moderna y vibrante que ha mantenido su conexión con la historia, preservando la arquitectura tradicional mientras se adapta a las necesidades de la época actual. La combinación de su rica herencia histórica y su dinamismo contemporáneo hace que Karaköy sea un lugar de gran importancia en Estambul, tanto en términos de atracción turística como de vitalidad económica y cultural. ¡Vívelo para creerlo!

Tour plan

  • Pierre loti.
    A place that offers beautiful panoramic views to enjoy a legacy and admire the beauty of the horizon
  • Sultan Eyup Mosque
    The mosque is one of the holiest sites of Islam in Turkey, as it houses the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad’s companion, Eyüp Ensari.
  • The walls of the old city
    An imposing fortification that surrounds the old part of the city and has witnessed centuries of history.
  • Food


  • Balat y Fener
    Two neighboring neighborhoods that embody Istanbul’s multicultural heritage and offer visitors an authentic experience reflecting the city’s rich history and cultural diversity.
  • Karakoy judish town/end of the tour
    The Jewish community left a significant mark on the area with historic synagogues, kosher shops and places that reflect the heritage and contribution of the Jewish community to the cultural and social life of Karaköy.

What includes

  • Private guide
  • Publish transport
  • Food tasting
Lovely Views
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  • Departure
    Santa Sofía, Estambul
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