“Ten solo lo que puedas llevar encima. Conoce idiomas, conoce países, conoce gente. ¡que tu memoria sea tu bolsa de viaje!”

-Alexander Solzhenistyn

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Adventure to Ottoman culture

Adventure to Ottoman culture

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Experience seeing the rich history with a monument erected to Emperor Constantine, one of the oldest and most notable relics in the city. Continue to the Çorlolu Ali Paşa Madrasah, a former Ottoman religious school. You will visit a colorful market known as the Egyptian Bazaar or Spice Bazaar, enjoying the aromas and flavors that fill the halls. The Süleymaniye Mosque,  one of the most prominent attractions in Istanbul and one of the main legacies of the Ottoman Empire.

Explore Istanbul with our expert tour guides and be captivated by the historical treasures, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of this fascinating city!


  • Introduce ourselves to culture and history
  • Listen to the leyends and histories about Istanbul
  • Taste the traditional food
  • Marvel at the Suleymaniye Mosque and its great history.

Tour description

We will start by enjoying the great walk through the streets and old neighborhoods of Istanbul. We will walk until we reach the Column of Constantine, a tall monument. You will learn more about the history of the Çorlulu madrassa, then you can delve into the charming corners of the bazaars smelling the spices brought from the east. You can’t forget the extraordinary traditional food. In the Suleymaniye mosque we will see a worthy architectural monument of the Ottoman Empire built by the architect Mimar Sinan, we will talk about the parts that make up a mosque. To finish, we will walk across the Galata Bridge and talk about the history of this emblematic bridge.

Tour plan

    • Meeting point

    Hotel’s lobby

    • Constantino column

    The Column of Constantine is an ancient monument in Istanbul, Turkey, erected in honor of Emperor Constantine the Great in 330 AD. It is 35 meters high and features bas-reliefs depicting battles and military victories of the emperor.

    • Corlulu Ali Pasha Madraza.

    It is a historic madrassa located in Istanbul, Türkiye. Built in the 18th century, it is known for its beautiful Ottoman architecture and ornate interior, and has been used as a religious school in the past.

    • Hidden corners of the oldest bazaars

    Explore its charming bazaars, immersing yourself in a world of colors, aromas and unique treasures.

    • Food

    Enjoy the Turkish food

    • Suleymaniye mosque

    The Suleymaniye Mosque, built in the 16th century by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, is one of Istanbul’s main historical treasures.

    • Gálata bridge and Galata tower

    The Galata Bridge is an iconic bridge in Istanbul that crosses the Golden Horn Strait. It connects the districts of Karaköy and Eminönü. The Galata Tower, an ancient medieval tower that offers impressive views of the city from its observation deck, providing a unique experience for those who wish to admire Istanbul from above.

    • Old judish town/end of the tour

    We will end exploring in a Jewish town.

  • What include:
  • Private guide
  • Tasting food


  • We visited the Galata Tower from the outside, but we can also go up if you wish.
  • Suleymaniye Mosque is closed on Mondays until 2 p.m. m. because of prayer.
  • The spice bazaar is closed on Sundays.
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    Santa Sofía, Estambul
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