“Ten solo lo que puedas llevar encima. Conoce idiomas, conoce países, conoce gente. ¡que tu memoria sea tu bolsa de viaje!”

-Alexander Solzhenistyn

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Live as a local

Live as a local

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The Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations have had significant importance in the history and development of the region we know today as Turkey. These civilizations have influenced the history, culture, architecture and identity of Turkey. Each of these civilizations has left a lasting legacy that can be seen today through monuments, traditions and the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Explore Istanbul with our expert tour guides and be captivated by the historical treasures, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of this fascinating city!


    • Enjoy eat and taste Turkish saucers.
    • Take a walk around old bazzar.
    • Experience a relaxing Turkish bath.
    • Learn about calligraphy and Islamic art.

Tour description

When we meet at the hotel we will talk in detail about the day’s program. We will go to the Palace of Ibrahim Pasha and the Islamic and Turkish Museum as they have great historical and cultural importance both in the past and today as it promotes understanding and appreciation for the cultural and religious diversity of the Region. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. It is an important commercial and tourist center that houses a wide variety of shops and artisans, offering a unique shopping and cultural experience in Istanbul. This is optional but the traditional hammam experience is highly recommended. These baths offer a historical and rejuvenating atmosphere, as it involves enjoying steam baths, massages and cleansing rituals, immersing yourself in Turkish culture and traditions.

Finally, we will finish by eating in a Turkish restaurant where the authentic experience of Turkish restaurants offers a wide variety of traditional dishes, from kebabs and meze to baklava and Turkish tea, these provide an explosion of exotic flavors.


Tour plan

  • Islamic and Turkish museum

This museum is a cultural gem that houses a wide collection of Islamic and Turkish artifacts, from carpets and ceramics to manuscripts and sculptures.

  • Roman Cisterns

Roman cisterns were used to store and supply water to the city. Its impressive columns, ambient lighting and mysterious atmosphere are a tourist attraction that allows visitors to explore the architectural ingenuity and ancient history of Istanbul.

  • Grand bazzar

It is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, its history goes back more than 500 years. With its labyrinthine aisles, its stores offer an immense variety of products such as jewelry, rugs, spices, clothing and crafts.

  • Turkish baths

Known as hammams, they provide a cultural and relaxing experience that is worth enjoying. These traditional baths offer to experience the Turkish tradition of cleanliness and well-being. Immersing you in the historical and architectural atmosphere of the Turkish baths, it is a fascinating way to connect with the culture and history of Turkey.

  • Dinner on a authentic restaurant

Istanbul offers the opportunity to delight in authentic Turkish cuisine, unique flavors and traditional dishes, while immersing yourself in the rich culinary culture of Turkey, enjoying an unforgettable dining experience that combines tradition, hospitality and a wide variety of exquisite flavors.

What includes

    • Private guide
    • Tickets
    • Coffe/tea
    • Public transport


    • The grand bazzar it’s closed on sundays
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