“Ten solo lo que puedas llevar encima. Conoce idiomas, conoce países, conoce gente. ¡que tu memoria sea tu bolsa de viaje!”

-Alexander Solzhenistyn

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Istanbul: city between two continents

Istanbul: city between two continents

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Istanbul, as the only city between two continents, offers a fascinating combination of modern and history. You will find a bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis with vibrant life. The city is steeped in a rich history that can be seen in its monuments and historical sites. This combination of modern and history makes Istanbul a unique destination that satisfies both lovers of culture and history and enthusiasts of urban and contemporary living.

Explore Istanbul with our expert tour guides and be captivated by the historical treasures, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of this fascinating city!


  • We will visit the Rüstem Pasha Mosque covered in beautiful tiles.
  • The experience of enjoying the smells of Middle Eastern spices.
  • We will cross the Bosphorus and you will see the city in its splendor either day or night with the lighting.
  • The impressive Dolmabahçe Palace and how it left a beautiful legacy.
  • You will taste the explosion of flavors with Turkish cuisine.

Tour description

We will discover an architectural work, one of the most beautiful Mosques known for its tiles. Afterwards we will walk to one of the most famous bazaars that captivate the sight and smell.

During the cruise experience we will see the wooden houses that will make us think about stories from the past, and at the end we will go to the ticket office of the monumental Dolmabahçe Palace. The Dolmabahçe Palace was the first European-style palace built in Istanbul between 1842 and 1853 by the Sultan. Abdülmecid, a curious fact, the interior decorator hired by the Sultan was in charge of decorating the Paris Opera, which explains how theatrical and ornate the Dolmabahçe palace is, and it also has the largest collection of crystal chandeliers in the world. Bohemia and Baccarat.

¡Go and learn more about this beatiful culture!

Tour plan

        • Rüstem Paşa Mosque

        An impressive piece of architecture built in the 16th century, it is known for its beautiful ceramic tiles.

        • Spice bazaar

        Known for its captivating aromas and a wide variety of spices, herbs, sweets and traditional Turkish products. Experience unique sensory experiences in a historical and cultural environment.

        • Bosphorus Cruise

        An unforgettable experience when sailing through the strait that connects Europe and Asia, you will see majestic palaces, historic mosques and panoramic views of the city.

        • Food
        • Dolmabahçe palace

        Splendid royal residence that combines European and Ottoman architectural styles, representing the beauty and splendor of the Turkish imperial past.

        • Back to the hotel

    What includes

  • Private guide
  • Ship ticket
  • Public transport


The Dolmabahçe palace it’s closed on sundays

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