“Ten solo lo que puedas llevar encima. Conoce idiomas, conoce países, conoce gente. ¡que tu memoria sea tu bolsa de viaje!”

-Alexander Solzhenistyn

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We extend a warm invitation to you to discover Kadıköy! Formerly known as Chalcedon in classical times, as well as during the Roman and Byzantine eras, this place is now a municipality and district of the province of Istanbul, Turkey. With an area of ​​25 km² and a population of 483,064 inhabitants (2022 data), Kadıköy is a large, bustling and cosmopolitan area on the Asian side of Istanbul, located on the northern coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It also has partial views of the historic city center of Fatih, on the European side of the Bosphorus.

Kadıköy is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Istanbul and stands out for being the heart of this district. It is both a residential and commercial place that, with its many bars, cinemas and bookstores, has become the liberal cultural center of the Anatolian part of Istanbul. In 1928, Kadıköy became its own district, separating from Üsküdar. In that same year, the neighborhoods of İçerenköy, Bostancı and Suadiye also became independent from Kartal district and joined the newly formed Kadıköy district. Neighboring districts include Üsküdar to the northwest, Ataşehir to the northeast, Maltepe to the southeast, and Kartal beyond Maltepe. We encourage you to explore Kadıköy, a vibrant and exciting part of Istanbul that will offer you an unforgettable experience. Its cultural diversity, nightlife and cultural scene await you with open arms. Come and discover this charming corner of the city!

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